If elected, I would:

  • Support increased sentences for those who abuse animals
  • Oppose any reduction in, and push for an increase to, our standards of animal welfare
  • Support a ban on live animal exports
  • Animal abuse is an abhorrent crime. I will encourage tougher sentencing on abusers and will encourage the Government to bring back the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill as a matter of urgency.
  • Whatever the outcome of Brexit, our standards animal welfare should be paramount. We must insist that any new trade deals that are negotiated have high standards of animal welfare applied to any animal products coming into our country.
  • I would not support any legislation that weakened the 2004 Hunting Act
  • I would support an urgent review into badger culling and its effectiveness in eradicating Bovine TB.
  • The current system of puppy farming can put too much responsibility in the hands of prospective owners. We should review  what can be done to protect prospective owners, and importantly puppies and dogs!