If elected, I would:

  • Strongly oppose no deal
  • Support cross-party working to resolve Brexit
  • Support a confirmatory vote on any deal
  • The political parties have failed to resolve Brexit. Cross party working simply doesn’t happen if political parties perceive they will be damaged by working with other parties. I have long believed that MPs should be free to vote in line with what served their constituents and the Country best without the constraints of the Party Whip.
  • I will strongly oppose leaving the EU with no deal.  I will equally strongly oppose ending the transition period before we have a comprehensive trade agreement in place
  • Far from getting ‘Brexit done’ whatever the result of the general election Brexit is a long way from being ‘done’. It is extremely unlikely that a trade deal will be agreed with the EU by the end of 2020. The Prime Minister’s Agreement, if put into law un-amended by the House of Commons, puts no deal back on the table in December 2020.  As many Brexit supporting Ministers have stated ‘there will be bumps in the road’ if we leave the EU without a deal. I do not believe that the economy is strong enough to withstand so called ‘bumps in the road’ without there being an economic cost. This will be felt most by those least able to withstand a downturn in the economy.
  • As I have done prior to the election I will work with MPs from across the House to come to a sensible resolution. The only way to bring closure on Brexit will be with a confirmatory vote.