Economy and Government


If elected, I would support:

  • Measures that safeguard the security of our country and allow our economy to flourish without burdening the next generation with unsustainable debt
  • A reduction in the bureaucracy that slows down Government responses 
  • Closer cooperation between countries to fight tax avoidance schemes
  • Managing the country’s security and its economy are the first essential of good government. I would not support a government that threatens either of these. I do not want to see excessive borrowing that burdens our children and grandchildren with unsustainable debt.
  • I have been a Minister in three government departments, and I share many peoples’ frustration with the slowness of the government to respond and act. Much of this is to do with the bureaucracy that ties the hands of politicians and decision-makers. The UK is a great country with huge potential if only we can release it. We need to create an environment that allows innovative solutions to come forward at a much faster rate.
  • The government has no money except that which it takes from all of us and business in taxes. We rely on the government to manage that money well and make sure that the burden of taxes are fair on everyone. We have all become frustrated and angry by big corporations moving profits to other countries and not paying their fair share of tax. To solve this we need to increase cooperation with other countries.
  • Lifting the lower income tax threshold should be much applauded and I would support further extensions of this.   There is no point in government taking the money you’ve earned with one hand and then giving it back to you with the other. We need more transparency in taxation and also to make sure that people understand the rules clearly.