If elected, I would support:

  • Investment in infrastructure to achieve a modal shift
  • Reforms to rail franchises
  • Investment in technologies to encourage home working and reduce the amount we travel
  • Protecting our climate and our wider environment whilst allowing our economy to flourish and people to get on with their lives should be the guiding principles of any transport policy.
  • Rail franchises are not working. Significant improvements are needed in the quality, expansion and reliability of the train service. We need a radical review of rail franchising.
  • We need to do much more than fiddle at the edges of integrating transport - we must improve public transport, including bus and cycling to get people out of their cars. But we also have to adapt to the way people live, driving up flexible working options and providing superfast broadband for everyone, reducing the need for travel.
  • With congestion on the A3 becoming worse, accidents more frequent and adversely affecting Guildford town centre we have to solve the problem. This does not only affect this constituency but also the area to the south of us. I have frequently met the Highways Agency, the County Council and Guildford Borough Council, as well as Ministers in the Department for Transport. The options are: tunnelling the A3; widening of the A3; or by-passing the A3. None are ideal but a solution must be agreed. Until all the local authorities are in agreement about which is the best option government funding is unlikely to be forthcoming. The next MP will need to understand how both the civil service, Parliament and government ministers work to make sure we get the money we need.¬† Guildford people are significant contributors to the economy both personally and from business, and we need to see the money we raise spent on solving this outstanding problem.
  • Road travel in Surrey is high and we need to address the pressing issues we face. We have to: encourage people out of their cars; increase the rate of purchase and use of electric vehicles; and make cycling a feasible, safe and attractive option. We need much greater resilience in the electricity network to allow people to charge electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. This will require ¬†investment to upgrade the network to allow greater domestic charging capacity
  • High speed broadband for all, allowing people to work from home or travel at different times.
  • Use Guildford town centre redevelopment, to better integrate bus services with rail as well as improved cycling facilities and electric vehicle charging points so that choosing public transport is an easier option for everyone
  • We need to be much clearer about whether investment in the wider rail network, including HS2, is a wise use of money. With electric vehicles being developed rapidly we need to consider whether there will be a shift in the way people travel that reduces rail use.
  • I will campaign for a rapid but an affordable phasing out of diesel vehicles