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The Rt Hon Anne Milton

Independent Candidate for Guildford, Cranleigh and all our Villages

The Rt Hon Anne Milton

Independent Candidate for Guildford, Cranleigh and all our Villages

The Rt Hon Anne Milton

Independent Candidate for Guildford, Cranleigh and all our Villages

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Supporting Guildford Action’s sleep-out!

17 November 2019

Sunday 17 November: I will be joining many on the sleep-out in support for Guildford Action on 29 November. In all my time as an MP I have supported Guildford Action in the wonderful work they’ve done, I look forward to seeing everyone at the sleep-out. Bring some warm gear! See my video here:

Government must act on the A3!

17 November 2019

Saturday 16 November: Only on Friday morning we had yet another accident on the A3! On the campaign I stopped by the Wooden Bridge alongside the busy two-lane section of the A3. The next Government must take action. In Guildford, we need an experienced Independent MP who isn’t scared to fight the next Government for funding.  We will need this funding to fix the problems created by the A3. Please…

A sunny day in Cranleigh!

14 November 2019

Thursday 14 November: It was so wonderful to be in Cranleigh on a sunny Thursday talking to residents and business owners! Another stop and another day where the support was simply overwhelming and I’m so grateful for people stopping to chew the fat. On with the campaign so please do stop me for a chat at any time!

Out on the campaign trail!

12 November 2019

Tuesday 12 November: Out on the campaign trail bright and early this morning! I’ve been so overwhelmed by the support that has been pouring in and for all the help from wonderful volunteers. Please do email me at if you’re able to help at all!

Remembering the fallen.

11 November 2019

Monday 11 November: A moving service today to remember those who gave their lives and those who were left behind with their grief. There was lots of small services up and down the country paying their respects. We will never forget them.

Celebrating an unusual Parliament Week.

09 November 2019

Saturday 9 November: There are no MPs during the election period, but this week was Parliament Week. It was great to visit so many schools across to Guildford to discuss all they have learned, and the importance of this year’s theme ‘It Starts With You’! If you want to find out more, you can visit Parliament Week’s website here. Do see my video here:

Putting the final touches to my campaign!

08 November 2019

Friday 8 November: I am putting the finishing touches to my campaign plan to be Guildford’s Independent MP. I have been overwhelmed by the support that is pouring in from people keen to have an Independent MP. My huge thanks to those who have pledged their support and help so far. STAY TUNED to hear my ideas for Guildford!

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